Welcome to Shanghai Yingshuang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. The company is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D and production of various types of resolvers.. 中文     English

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Shanghai Y ingshuang Electric Machinery C o., L td, founded in 2005, with more than 180 employees, i s a high-tech enterprise specialized in RD, manufacturing and marketing services of resolvers (position sensor). The company has a solid technical foundation and rich experience in product manufacturing and engineering application in the field of resolvers. In China, it is currently the leading enterprise in this field . Since its establishment , the company adhere s to the road of I ndustry- U niversity- R esearch development. We have p articip...
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  • Reluctance Resolver
  • Brushless Resolver
  • Dual Speed Resolver
  • Encapsulated Resolver
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    AddressNo.639, Guangzhong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

    Address:No.639, Guangzhong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai Tels:021-34202379 Fex:021-34200075

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