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The opening ceremony of the new plant construction was held successfully
The editor:admin   time:2019-03-31

On the morning of March 30, the grand opening ceremony of Shanghai Yingshuang  Industrialization project( the new plant construction) & the major Industrial Projects of Zhuanqiao in 2019 was held. Many leaders of relevant functional departments in Minhang District and Zhuanqiao town, secretaries of villages, leaders of industrial parks and projects, and representatives of Yingshuang participated in this activity.
Mr. Ling shimao, general manager of the company, delivered a speech and expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and guests for attending the commencement ceremony. Shanghai Yingshuang Industrialization Project will become a milestone in the development of the company. The new plant is located at Beiwu road and Duhui road, with a total investment of about 100 million RMB. It covers a total area of about 11000 ㎡, a total construction area of 21,559 ㎡, and a green area of 2,514㎡. After the new plant is completed and put into operation, it will be used to produce 2.4 million resolvers per year.


Mr. Chen Dongfa, deputy secretary of Party Committee & mayor of Zhuanqiao Town, and Ms. Lin Yi, director of Economic Committee of Minhang District delivered speeches respectively.


On behalf of Zhuanqiao industrial projects,the general manager of Shanghai New Guanghua Plastic Co., Ltd., Mr. Ye Chaoyang introduced the New Guanghua Transformation project.

With the push of "starter bar", Shanghai Yingshuang Industrialization Project and major Industrial Projects of Zhuanqiao town was officially launched in 2019!

The successful launching ceremony of the project marks a crucial step in the industrialization construction of Shanghai Yingshuang. We believe that with the support and help of government, and with the joint efforts of all the staff of the company, Shanghai Yingshuang, a professional, industrial, in line with international management standards of modern enterprises, will develop better in this land full of vitality!

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